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The Fringe Society – The Fringe Office
The Fringe Society is the administrative organisation which co-ordinates the Fringe. It advises on all aspects of performing at the Fringe. It publicises the Fringe primarily through the production and distribution of the free Fringe programme and on-line. It sells tickets for all Fringe shows.

As a matter of policy we urge all our visiting companies to register with the Fringe Office and take out their own Fringe Programme entry.

Fringe Box Office
Unless a group is paying 100% of all fees, hires and guarantees in advance we ask that all Fringe Box Office receipts be passed directly to us. The Fringe will deduct their box office commission of 6% + VAT on these monies. We will then pass box office income from the Fringe Office and venue to you less any charges or splits due to us.

Foreign Entertainers Tax
Any groups coming to the Fringe from abroad are liable for a tax of up to 20% of all monies paid to them. We can help you with dealing with the Inland Revenue as your Administrators, or visit HM Revenue and Customs Foreigh Entertainers Unit website.

Performing Rights Society »
Any music you wish to use that is subject to rights incurs a levy. A percentage (0.5 – 3% depending on amount of music used) will be deducted from your total box office sales (fringe and venue box office sales) and sent to PRS by the Fringe Society.

You are responsible for providing insurance for public liability, company members and equipment as well as damage to any of the venue's equipment. We may be forced to refuse to store equipment, instruments, props, etc if the company does not carry adequate insurance cover.

There are more than 2,500 shows in Edinburgh each day in August, offering audiences a huge amount of choice. Getting your show noticed is crucial to a successful Fringe – you need to attact media attention and audiences. We strongly recommend you engage a local PR company to handle your communications and media relations and to advise on everything from leaflets and posters to social media. Small-scale shows should allow for a minimum budget of £2000 to cover marketing expenses, while large-scale shows should budget to spend £3000 - £10,000.
We offer some marketing essentials such as venue brochure entry as part of our service to shows in our programme.

Details to help you market your show click here

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