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“Tomek Borkowy's venues, flying under the flag of Universal Arts, have always featured international work. Indeed, 2011 was the twenty second consecutive year in which his organisation has programmed what he describes as a 'high-class cultural journey across the world'."  The Herald.

New Town Theatre was the winner of the Edinburgh Spotlight Best Fringe Venue Award in 2010 and Universal Arts was winner of the Herald Archangel Award in 2009 for our record of introducing top international artists to the UK.

Performing your show at the biggest and most important Performing Arts Trade Fair in the world is an investment in the future of your production and often your career.

We begin putting together our Fringe programme in October each year and aim to have it completed before mid-April each year. The earlier we are able to confirm a show, the sooner the crucial promotional work can begin.

There are three different options for performing with us:

For more information about these options, please contact us:
(+44 131) 478 0195 | e-mail: admin@universal-arts.co.uk

We can arrange for you to see the venues but remember that during the year they have a different function and will not look like a theatre.  Booking an Appointment in advance is essential.

For details of our venues and spaces, including technical plans, see our venues.

To apply to be part of the Universal Arts programme this year's festival please download an application form HERE and send it to: admin@universal-arts.co.uk

For more information on performing at the Fringe - see Fringe – useful info

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