Universal Arts Productions

Universal Arts Productions

As Producers we create and co-produce medium to large-scale theatre shows and cultural events such as the Our Europe Welcome Gala at the Kings Theatre, Edinburgh to celebrate European Union enlargement; Opera Galactica, a multi-media operatic musical pastiche of Star Wars aimed at generating new opera audiences; Philharmonic of Wit, combining virtuoso music with comedy and transforming well-known classics into something fresh and enjoyable for all; Venezuela Viva, a music and dance extravaganza portraying the rich Spanish, Arabic, African and indigenous culture of Venezuela. All were critically acclaimed by media and audiences alike; Opera Galactica won a prestigious ‘Arts and Business Award’ and Venezuela Viva has been touring worldwide for the last eight years.

Opera Galactica - 21 min. extracts (German subtitles) Opera Galactica - 12 min. Promo


From our original professional successes in Eastern Europe we have expanded activities across the whole of the European market where we have successfully arranged tours for clients throughout Holland, England, Germany, Poland and Scotland. We also have excellent relations with festivals in these countries as well as in Ireland, Italy and Austria. In addition, we now place clients in venues and festivals in Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Turkey and the USA and are beginning to develop circuits in China.

By adopting a long-term strategy in our relationships with potential buyers worldwide, we aim to give a competitive advantage to our clients.

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